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5 stars massage Cannes
“During my stay in Cannes last month for the MIPIM, my neck was completely blocked.  I had a 1.5 hour Thai massage with Toy and was able to spend the rest of my stay pain free.  Amazing!  Toy is really very professional and talented."

Joe O., NY

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Sawasdee Toy, your oasis for massage in Cannes

Meet Toy, your skilled masseuse and manager at Sawasdee Toy, the premier Thai spa in Cannes. With over twenty years of experience in Thai massage, Toy brings the essence of authentic Thai massage to the heart of Cannes Croisette.

Toy, Thai Massage Cannes

Code of Conduct

  • The services offered are traditional “well-being” massages aimed at the joints and muscles.

  • I am bound by strict respect for professional secrecy and irreproachable ethics. The client, like me, is committed to total respect for the person.

  • All massages are performed for your comfort and well-being and have no therapeutic purpose. Under no circumstances will they replace masso-kinesitherapy (as defined by article R4321-1 of decree no. 2015-1110) or another form of medicine.

  • What is the ideal duration of a Thai massage?
    The ideal duration of a Thai massage is generally between 1.5 to 2 hours. For larger individuals, I recommend a 2-hour session for optimal relaxation. However, a 1-hour session is also available for those with time constraints.
  • Who am I as a Thai Masseuse in Cannes?
    As the sole masseuse and owner of Sawasdee Toy, I am Toy, a professional Thai masseuse. With extensive experience and training in Thailand, I am dedicated to providing authentic and high-quality Thai massages to my clients.
  • How to Get an Appointment for a Massage?
    The simplest way to get an appointment with Toy for a massage is to use the online BOOKING button bellow. After choosing the type and duration of your massage, you will get the calendar of available days/time. All You have to do then is choosing the best timing for you, identify yourself with your mobile phone number (international format +1..., +33...) and your email @. All your information will only be used for booking confirmation. Not for any marketing or newsletter or whatever.
  • What is my specialty in terms of massages?
    My specialty lies in Traditional Thai Massage, an ancient healing practice that promotes relaxation, relieves muscular tension, and restores energy balance. I also offer Oil Massages, which are gentler and suitable for the elderly or those with delicate conditions, along with specific Foot-Leg and Head-Neck massages.
  • What is a Thai Massage and what are its benefits?
    Thai Massage is a healing practice that combines pressure, stretching, and kneading to relax muscles, stimulate blood circulation, and enhance overall well-being. Its benefits include stress reduction, improved muscle flexibility, and pain relief.
  • Which massage is best suited for me?
    The Traditional Thai Massage is recommended for a comprehensive and revitalizing experience. If you are elderly or have delicate conditions, the Oil Massage provides a soothing alternative. For targeted relaxation, the Foot-Leg or Head-Neck massage is ideal. Anytime, whether you go for thai or oil massage, you can ask Toy to give more or less importance to Foot-Leg or Head-Neck depending on your condition.
  • What are the specific benefits of Foot-Leg and Head-Neck massages?
    The Foot-Leg massage helps relieve fatigue and tension in this area, promoting better blood circulation, flexibility, and deep relaxation. The Head-Neck massage aids in releasing tension and promoting relaxation in the upper body. Anytime, whether you go for thai or oil massage, you can ask Toy to give more or less importance to Foot-Leg or Head-Neck depending on your condition.
  • How does a Thai massage session take place?
    A Thai massage session takes place on a mat on the floor, with clients dressed in comfortable clothing. I use my hands, thumbs, elbows, and feet to apply targeted pressure and perform stretching along energy lines in the body.
  • Is Thai massage suitable for everyone?
    Thai massage is generally suitable for most healthy individuals. However, it may not be recommended for pregnant women and those with certain medical conditions. Please consult your healthcare professional if you have specific concerns.
  • Which massage is considered the best?
    The best massage depends on your specific needs and preferences. If you seek a comprehensive and traditional massage, the Traditional Thai Massage is recommended. For a gentler experience, the Oil Massage is an excellent choice.
  • Is Thai massage painful?
    Thai massage can be slightly uncomfortable when working on tension points or during stretching. However, I ensure to adjust the pressure based on your preferences to provide a pleasant and beneficial massage experience.
  • Can I receive a Thai massage if I have back issues?
    Thai massage can be beneficial for back issues, such as muscle tension and pain relief. However, if you have severe back problems, it is advisable to consult your healthcare professional before scheduling a Thai massage.
  • Are there any contraindications for Thai massage?
    Yes, Thai massage is not recommended for pregnant women as it can be unsafe for them. If you are pregnant, please inform me beforehand so I can adjust the massage accordingly.
  • What is the VIP massage offer for on-site service?
    The VIP massage offer is available for hotels on La Croisette and the city center of Cannes. I provide Traditional Thai Massage and Oil Massage in sessions of 1.5 and 2 hours, delivering the ultimate relaxation experience at your residence.
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